Emerald Inceptions

Unique, Vintage Inspired, Steampunk & Bridal Jewelry 

Meet the Team

This dynamic duo, Marcon and Shaun, have been married for the past six months and together for a little over four years. Both creative souls in their own ways, their inspirations have led them to the unique style that is showcased in the creations of Emerald Inceptions.

Ideas for the way forward of this joint venture are discussed, criticized and sometimes even thrown out of the window, but always together, as a team.

Marcon teaches young children to create and make jewellery using recycled components at the Mellieha Art Club. Shaun does pencil drawings and writes fantasy novels and short stories.

 Travelling to explore historical places, reading, relaxing by the sea or just staying in watching tv series are some of the newlyweds hobbies.

Keeping company to Marcon while she's making jewelry or annoying Shaun while he is attempting to play games, are Cunu the funny and Carina the cuddly. Who are not exactly the best of friends but surely entertain the couple's life.

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