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Quotes I bought a very beatiful piece and look forward for the next one. I'm glad I met you, I really appreciate your work. Thank you! Quotes

Quotes I bought jewelry from Emerald inceptions more than once. The artist is a lovely person and very talented. Transaction is quick and smooth and yr parcel is delivered home without any hassles. Each item is stunning . . . plus some pieces can even be made custom-made just for you. Well done and keep it up =) Quotes

Quotes The jewellery is well made and beautiful not to mention that the creator of these marvellous pieces has a wonderful personality Quotes
Fae Tigre

Quotes well made and beautiful, all you want in costume jewellery Quotes
lisbet wiik roberts

Quotes I was given one of your necklaces .....and I was impressed :) I cant believe that it is hand made with such precision and details! the chain caught my eye :) it is like a padlock - very original!! Keep it up :) Surely you put a lot of dedication and passion in your work. - Denise Quotes
Denise Frendo
Lucky customer :)

Quotes I like your site www.emeraldinceptions.com, your jewelry and am happy to return again! Quotes
thank you

Quotes I've been meaning to get my hands on some of her unique creations and I finally did! I'm in love with my beautiful Alice in Wonderland bracelet!! It's so unique!! I will definitely be purchasing something else =] <3 Quotes
Rebecca Schembri
Very Satisfied Client

Quotes well I gotta admit i love it I adore it and it was a very great and awesome experience, I ordered something was in my mind and you make it for me it was an anniversary gift for my wife and it was awesome she more than love it. And I will ask for me whenever I got any chance and I know you wont let me down :) Thanks Dear :) :) Your old friend Mohamed Selim. Quotes
Mohamed Selim

Quotes The best thing about this jewellery is that it is UNIQUE... Emerald inceptions is all about telling a story which makes it special for the person that owns the piece... Your work stands out and it is reflected in every single piece that you make... keep up the good work <3 Quotes
Kathleen Charles
What I call Eye Candy Jewellery!!!

Quotes Owner is an amazing person and her work reflect her character. The pieces she makes are original, fun, personalized, have a story, unique and creative!!! It is a must to own a piece from Emerald Inceptions... surely you won't see another item like yours around!! Quotes
Daniela Cassar
No1 Fan

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